Local Programs USA

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 One of the local programs that PS has been involved with over the past several years is Hope for Worcester.  Hope for Worcester is a collaborative event providing care for underserved families in Worcester.  At these events Project Stretch has provided dental screenings, referrals to local dentists, dental health education, fluoride varnish applications and distributed education materials and toothbrushes to children and families in Worcester, MA.  These events have been well attended by the community and we have served an average of 70 children each event.

We have also provided dental health education to individuals with special needs both in their group homes and day programs.

Project Stretch is in the planning stages and excited to be working with Children Trust and Forsythkids to provide dental health education for children and parents in need. Children Trust gives parents the tools and resources to build self-confidence and gain life long skills to ensure children grow up safe and healthy, we are exploring how PS can help the families by providing dental health education hopefully starting with infant oral care.