President’s Letter

Project Stretch, who knew….

In 2003 I started my career as a dental assistant, it was a decision I made after I arrived in the States and decided to change direction and do something that was completely different, little did I know the impact it would have on my life and the opportunities it would afford me.

During my training I met a hygienist, Mary Kellerman, who had been an active member of PS for a number of years and is now our VP.  Mary spoke to me about the organization and encouraged me to attend a meeting. I went along and met an enthusiastic group of people intent on raising funds in order to raise awareness about the importance of dental care for children and organize events and missions to provide that care.

Yard sales, wine tastings and road races were among the events organized then to raise money to allow us to meet those goals and approaches made to dental supply companies to donate the supplies needed to allow the missions to be undertaken.   PS has carried out care and education locally, nationally and internationally over the last 27 years providing care to 30,000+ children.

President's Letter - Project StretchVolunteering to be a part of something as wonderful as this opened up so many unexpected opportunities.  Interacting with dental professionals willing to give up their time and use their skills to provide children with care, alleviate their pain and educate their parents and carers.

Meeting non dental people willing to take the time to organize groups, transportation, translation and learn themselves how they can help us to run sustainable events mark what it means to be a part of PS. The opportunity to travel is nice but meeting and working with the wonderful people who make it all happen is what makes it really special and of course the children’s smiles

Times have changed since Drs Tesini, Ficarelli and Kane first imagined this organization, people’s life’s are busier, there are so many demands on our time but I urge you to become involved, contact us to find out more, raise some money and come and help the children, how can you resist helping to give a child a smile.

Roz Clair
Proud to be President PS
Dec 2014