Welcome Letter

Welcome to Project Stretch! Because of you and others like you our organization is able to live up to it’s name: Dentistry Reaching Out to Children.

Recently our professional dental volunteers have seen many disadvantaged children from communities overseas and communities a short drive from home. For many of the children it was their first dental visit. Thank you for believing in our mission and being prepared to put your talents and energies into action with us.

As a member of Project Stretch you will receive our mailings. These include the minutes from our membership meetings, updates about our activities and our Annual Report. Most of our social activities are also fundraising activities. Project Stretch volunteers participate in fundraising and donation efforts to help aid in the financing of their project mission. We encourage everyone to organize fundraising activities, big or small and if you have an idea please let us know if we may help bring it to fruition.

Meetings are generally held at 79 Speen St Natick. If you haven’t attended a meeting before we invite you to come. It is a great way to get involved by getting to know some of your fellow members while making decisions about what Project Stretch does.

There is something more however that happens when you become active in an organization like ours. Dr. Dave Tesini, one of our founders suggests “it is the sense of community that we look back on when we think of what volunteerism means. The many people that work together to make a program happen, the sense of community with each other; with donors and fundraisers; with our hosts in near or foreign lands, and the children we help. All of us involved with Project Stretch know the feeling that the work leaves in your heart and we share in the realization that “we got more than we gave”. In the end, isn’t that the real meaning of volunteerism?” We are delighted to welcome you to the Project Stretch community!

Kind Regards,

Roz Clair

and the PS Board:
Mary Kellerman – VP
Deb Hesek – Secretary
Bernadette Tesini – Treasurer
John Ficarelli – Founder
Dave Tesini – Founder
Frank Schiano
Gail Weisberg