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Project Stretch PhilosophyProject Stretch is unique in comparison to other medical and dental organizations that travel abroad. We not only treat the acute dental needs of both the patient and the community, but also provide education, fluoridation, and the tools necessary for the communities we aid to be self-sufficient. Project Stretch separates itself from other dental volunteer groups because it focuses its services on prevention. While we fully support the efforts of these organizations that choose to focus on critical care, our concern is what happens to the communities after these teams leave. Our goal is that we not only attend to the acute needs of patients, but that we address the core issues contributing to their poor oral health. Is fluoridation in the community? Is there oral health education available? Are their trained medical personnel in the community who would benefit from more dental education? Are there clinics that need more equipment & supplies? Do these children have access to toothbrushes and toothpaste? Is there an infrastructure in place to address oral health issues in a more conclusive, regular manor? These are the questions that Project Stretch seeks to answer. Our goal is to address the larger scope of societal problems, which in return, create serious medical & dental issues. For those of you who have children, you will recognize this as the “Care Bear Philosophy”.

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